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Vendors - Submitting a Bid: Submitting a Bid Online

When you are ready to submit an electronic bid online, click the Submit Bid Online link on the Solicitation Summary page. You will see a list of any Specifications, Terms and Conditions documents. You must view all of these documents in order to proceed.

Once you have viewed all of the documents on this screen, it will indicate "(Downloaded)" next to each one.

A link will appear that reads "I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions. Click here to submit an online bid." Click this link to go to the next step. See the following pages for continued instructions.

You will now see the bid entry form.

bid entry form

If any Custom Fields have been specified for the bid, fill in your response. If any File Requests have been specified, click the Browse... button to locate your file for each request, and enter a name for the file.

Next, fill in your bid amounts for each item listed. For each item, you can leave the field empty if you do not wish to bid on the item, or input 0 if the cost of the item is included. As you enter your bids, you can click the Calculate button to total your bid.

After you have entered your bids, scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the disclaimer. You must check the checkbox next to "I Agree" to confirm you have read and agree to the disclaimer. You must also check the checkboxes to confirm you have downloaded and read the specifications and any addenda.

To complete your bid, click the Confirm Bid button on the bottom of the page.

Your bid has been submitted and you will receive an e-mail notification confirming the submission.