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Vendors - Submitting a Bid: Reviewing a Solicitation

To Submit a bid, you must first review the details of the solicitation. You may have gotten an e-mail notifying you of the solicitation, with a link to the bid summary page. Or, you could just browse the solicitations on the website. In either case, in order to submit a bid, you must first log into the site. When you first log in, you will be presented with a list of Active Solicitations. You can also click on the Active Solicitations link in the top navigation.

Active Solicitations

You will see a list of the Active Solicitations. Click on the title of the solicitation to view the Solicitation Summary.

The Solicitation Summary screen shows the Title, Number, Agency, Contact, Start and End Date, Q&A Deadline, Submission Method, Commodities involved, as well as a breakdown of the items in the bid (quantity, description, unit of measure, and notes/exceptions).

Solicitations Summary