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Vendors - Registration and Login: Selecting Commodities

The next step in registering is to select commodities the vendor wants to be associated with. (Vendors receive e-mail notifications when bids are created in commodity groups the vendor has selected.) After filling out the profile information and clicking the Next button, you will see the commodity selection form.

commodity selection form

There are two different options you can use for finding commodities to add to the vendor.

  1. Choose a Commodity: You can use the pulldown menu on the top to choose a commodity. When you choose one, that commodity's subcommodities are displayed in a list at the bottom.
  2. Commodity Search: You can enter keywords to search for specific commodities. Search results are displayed on the bottom of the page.

In every case, you will see a list of commodities and subcommodities with checkboxes next to them.

list of commodities and subcommodities with checkboxes next to them

Check the box next to a commodity to add it to your preferences, and click the Add Commodities button to save your changes. You can repeat this commodity selection process for multiple different commodities if desired. You can also log in later in the future to make changes to these selections if needed.

Once a commodity is selected, it will appear in a list labeled My Subscribed Commodities and Subcommodities at the bottom of the page. In this list, you can click the Delete link next to a commodity to remove it from your preferences. When finished adding commodities, click the Finish Registration button. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. You are now logged into the system, and you can and begin making bids.