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Vendors - Registration and Login: Registering as a New Vendor

Vendors can go to the website and register themselves as vendors. Registration involves entering profile information and selecting commodities with which to be associated.

To register, click the Registration link in the Vendor menu of the top navigation.


You will see the Vendor Registration Form

Vendor Registration Form

Below is an explanation of the Vendor Profile Form fields. Fields that are required are indicated on the form.

Field Name Description
Username Enter a username for the vendor. This must be unique in the system. Usernames are case-sensitive and may contain between 4 and 16 alphanumeric characters. No spaces or special characters allowed.
Password Enter a new password for the vendor. Passwords are case-sensitive and may contain between 6 and 16 alphanumeric characters. Passwords must contain one upper case letter and one digit. No spaces allowed. If you fill in a valid password, your password will be changed. To leave password unchanged, leave password fields blank.
Retype New Password If you have entered a new password, you must retype it here to confirm it.
Legal Name of Firm Enter the vendor company name.
Contractor Type Select the type of contractor.
Federal Tax ID Number (TIN)* Enter the Tax ID or SSN for the vendor.
Address 1 Enter the vendor's address, line 1.
Address 2 Enter the vendor's address, line 2.
City Enter the vendor's city.
State Select the vendor's state
Zip Enter the vendor's Zip code.
Number of Years in Business Enter number of years the vendor has been in business.
Web Address Enter the URL of the vendor's website. Web address must be complete and contain the http:// or https:// prefix, e.g.
Minority Owned Business Certification Check if the firm is a certified minority owned business.
First Name Enter the first name of the vendor contact person.
Last Name Enter the last name of the vendor contact person.
Title Enter the title of the vendor contact person.
Email Address(es) Primary Email Address for the vendor.
Email CC List Additional email addresses for the vendor. More than one address may be entered. Use a semicolon to separate addresses.
Office phone Enter the vendor's office phone number.
Cell Phone Enter the vendor's mobile phone number.
Fax Enter the vendor's fax number.
Suspend Vendor Check this checkbox to deactivate the vendor. This will suspend their ability to log into and use the system on the website.

When you have finished making changes, click the Next button to save your changes and move to the next step - selecting commodities. Please see the next page for continued instructions.